Why did this man travel from China to see a chiropractor in Little Falls?

Never could I have imagined that something like this would happen. Sure, people travel from other counties to seek our help, but never another country! Gary (aka Man from China) was suffering from “neck pain, back pain, and very poor posture” for decades. That is until he picked up a copy of my book—The Solution to Back and Neck Pain. After reading it he said the book gave him something that he hadn’t realized he’d lost: hope. And because of that made a 6,201-mile trip (a 17 hour flight) from Beijing to Little Falls.

We sat down and I listened to everything he had to say about his neck and back pain, his poor posture, and other health concerns. I then asked him very specific questions to determine how much relief was attainable and in what timeframe. Then I asked Gary to give me a day to review my findings and come up with a treatment protocol and self-care program for him. Returning the next day, I laid out his treatment and we got started.

He stayed in town for a couple weeks and after his treatment he said that we had delivered “exactly what [he] was hoping for”–more flexibility, better posture, less pain, and the means to keep it that way.

Two years later Gary returned for a “tune-up” and to update his selfcare program. As a token of his appreciation he gave me a bag of authentic tea from China and on his out of the clinic on his last visit, before heading back to China, he looked over his shoulder and with a smile said “See you again, soon.”




“I had hip pain and aching to the point that I could walk without resting which interfered with me doing the physical work I needed to on my farm. Now I can do all without limitation. I’m feeling good!”

Jerome S.

Little Falls

“I had debilitating back pain that overpowered all bodily function—standing, sitting, unable to walk more than a few steps. Now, I have little pain, can walk, and my balance and ability to stand is vastly improved.”

Jack B.


“When I first started to come to Chiro Plus Rehab, I was literally a mess. I couldn’t sit or stand for long periouds of time, I was bend over to the left and could barely go up and down stairs. I couldn’t walk without pain in my back and right leg. I had trouble sleeping which eventually cause a lot of fatigue. I literally lost my job because of my limitations. After being treated, I now have days where I have been free of pain, able to walk, have the ability to sit and watch a full movie now, and can do dishes. I able to go up and down stairs without much pain. I have and will continue to recommend them to others.”

Cheyenne V.

“I had sharp pain in my chest the pain came over my back. I had headache and they are gone. I had sharp pain in the neck and it’s gone. I’ve been walking better without pain and before I had pain running down my leg. Chiro Plus Rehab has been helping take the pain out. Thank you. 

Carl P.

Little Falls

“I was experiencing severe neck stiffness and pain. I could not turn my head from side to side without terrible pain. I couldn’t drive without pain. I couldn’t even watch TV without pain. I have always been skeptical of chiropractic care. But Chiro Plus Rehab treated me like I was an old friend. They put me at ease, explained my issues in detail and made sure I understood everything. Now, my neck feels great. I have full range-of-motion with no pain. I can work, drive, and enjoy life pain-free. Their excellent care and personal involvement with each patient will keep me a client for life.”

Joe W.

Little Falls

“I was having a lot of low back pain before I cam here and couldn’t do a lot of stuff without hurting. Like going exercising and a lot of outdoor activities. Now, I have no pain and can have fun at what I like to do.” 

Amanda C.

Little Falls

“When I first came to Chiro Plus Rehab I had a lot of stiffness and mild to moderate pain in my neck and lower back. The stiffness was such that I would have to turn my whole bdoy just to look left or right over my shoulders. I have been having pain in the mornings making it very hard to get up in the morning. Here I thought it was all my bed’s fault. No! My muscles and joints were just that bad. I can now turn my head only, look left and right. My lower back pain is gone and almost all of the neck pain is gone. With the exercises I have been taught and that I continue to do I know my life will only be better. Thank you so much for working with me and encouraging me to continue. It is really amazing, the difference.” 

Deanna A.

Little Falls

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