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Shoulder Girdle

Don’t carry the weight of pain on your shoulders another day!

If you’re suffering from shoulder pain, don’t wait or avoid seeing a chiropractor Little Falls MN. Give us a call at 320-632-9224 and schedule your $99 New Patient Special today. Don’t live another day with pain. We can help. Call us!

Shoulder pain has been reported as high as 50% in the population with chronic shoulder pain being the most common. Six months after an initial visit to a chiropractor Little Falls MN, 79% of patients reports STILL having shoulder symptoms with up to 61% STILL reporting pain 18 months later. Surprisingly, only half of elderly with shoulder pain seek treatment. The design of the shoulder allows a full range-of-motion, unlike any other joint in the body. Because of this, at times, stability is sacrificed resulting in issues like: sprain/strains, degenerative joint disease, bone spurs, rotator cuff problems, impingement syndromes, tendinitis, and bursitis. Injury or disease in the wrist, elbow, hand, or spine interfere with the normal action of those areas and so the shoulder is depended on to clean up the shortfall. For example, loss of the ability to full extend at the elbow and wrist unconsciously causes extra extension at the shoulder is something a chiropractor Little Falls MN sees often. Complicating the issue, the shoulder is the end-site for a host of referred pain from: the spine, the nerves of the neck (brachial plexus), internal organs (EG. gallbladder and lungs) and pinched nerves.

The shoulder is comprised of four joints: the glenohumeral, acromioclavicular, sternoclavicular, and the scapulothoracic. Everyday activities like putting away items on a high shelf, shoveling, holding, pushing, and shoving are seemingly simple, but these activities are complex and combined movement patterns that involve nearly all structures of the shoulder girdle. These are all components as to why you may be seeing a chiropractor Little Falls MN for your pain. Problems with the shoulder usually come from: falls, slips, catching (acute trauma), and impact injuries, chronic overuse or repetitive injuries.

Summary of Some Shoulder Disorders:

By seeing a chiropractor Little Falls MN you are getting one step closer to living pain free. At Chiro Plus Rehab we start with a thorough assessment that checks your shoulder girdle alignment (including assessment of the four joints of the shoulder) and range-of-motion, nerve health, muscle strength and balance, and the integrity of the cartilage, tendon, and bone. When needed, we perform orthopedic and neurological tests as well as digital radiographs. The final and a unique component to this chiropractor Little Falls MN examination process is our Functional Movement Screen which can detect faulty movement habits (like bad sleeping position, or improper raising of the arm) or repetitive movement micro-injuries that are triggering your shoulder pain. If the pain is not from an acute injury, it is crucial to identify what actions of activities are causing shoulder problems so that they can be corrected.

Associated signs and symptoms:

The standard approach is usually focused on only the shoulder and consists of ice/heat, rest, and over-the-counter anti-inflammatories and maybe physical therapy. If relief isn’t found, then an MRI may be ordered by a chiropractor Little Falls MN. This is fine, except for one thing that commonly gets missed: the shoulder doesn’t act alone. In fact, it depends on the shoulder blade, the arm, and the spine in order to function properly. It’s because the joints surrounding the shoulder are often neglected that shoulder pain can be so recurrent and chronic. That’s why, at Chiro Plus Rehab we combine adjustments, hands-on muscle therapy, therapeutic exercises that focus on the shoulder itself as well as the surrounding joints, especially those of the mid back and neck. We also provide modalities like ultrasound to eliminate pain as quickly as possible. We then provide you with self-care advice to keep things good once they’re there. Why? Because our goal is to provide effective, fast relief so you can get back to life.

A Doctor’s Note

Having dealt with a chronic and recurring shoulder injury myself as a chiropractor Little Falls MN, I know firsthand what it’s like when your shoulder doesn’t feel good. That’s part of the reason why I continue to focus on the most up-to-date and effective treatments for shoulder pain. Over the years, I’ve been able to help many of your neighbors with the shoulder pain in a non-surgical, non-drug manner. That being said, there are certainly some shoulder disorders that a chiropractor Little Falls MN cannot help healing and that need a referral. If that’s you, you can rest assured you’ll be told exactly that and then be referred to a trusted colleague.

*Patient took great care in strictly following the treatment plan prescribed by their chiropractor Little Falls MN.

Don’t carry the weight of pain on your shoulders another day!

If you’re suffering from shoulder pain, don’t wait or avoid seeing a chiropractor Little Falls MN. Give us a call at 320-632-9224 and schedule your $99 New Patient Special today. Don’t live another day with pain. We can help. Call us!

“I’ve seen how pain steals life from people. Worse, I’ve seen firsthand the harmful effects numbing pain with drugs can do. Because of this, I am committed to providing the best possible care people in a way that not only relieves pain but improves health and quality of life.”

He graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University—a respected school for chiropractors—one of the youngest in his class, with a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and a Doctorate in Chiropractic.

Dr. Ben Grams has a long track record of helping people eliminate pain and regain their health by integrating the best of the holistic and medical worlds. He is known as one of the best choices for chiropractor Little Falls MN because of his ability to accurately assess and treat more difficult cases, especially those related to the lower back, sciatica, shoulder, and hip.

Over the years, he has won several awards for performance and achievement and he continues to pursue the most effective non-drug, non-surgical methods for treating patients as a chiropractor Little Falls MN. In 2017, Dr. Grams authored the book titled “The Solution to Back and Neck Pain” which had a brief stint as a top seller on Amazon.com in the categories of Chiropractic, Chronic Pain, and Alternative Medicine. Its success was also noted on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX affiliate websites as well as the StarTribune.

When not working, he will be spending time with his wife and preferably outdoors. He enjoys hiking, swimming, biking, playing guitar, and being active in his church. Chiropractor Little Falls MN, Dr. Grams has additional studies in chiropractic radiology, spinal disc problems, hands-on muscle therapy, therapeutic exercise, sports injury, nutrition and wellness.