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Foot & Ankle Pain

Most people would agree that the foot and ankle are complicated, but few realize the extent of its complexity until they visit a Chiropractor Little Falls MN. It is comprised of twenty-six bones, thirty-three joints, with more than one hundred different muscles, tendons, and ligaments.It is divided into three parts: the hindfoot, midfoot, and forefoot. The long bones of the leg (the tibia and fibula) connect directly into the hindfoot. The midfoot is comprised of irregular bones that form the foot’s arch, and the forefoot forms the long part of the foot and toes. The foot and ankle must support the body and simultaneously act as a shock-absorber. This puts a high degree of stress on its structures – bone, cartilage, ligament, tendon, muscle, and fascia. Foot problems may stay in the foot, but if left undressed by a Chiropractor Little Falls MN it could very well affect other regions such as the knee, hip, and spine.

The Chiropractor Little Falls MN profession has long recognized that problems of the foot can affect the whole body. Pain can also arise from nerves that exit the spine (the “nerve root”), nerves of the legs (“peripheral nerves”), or vascular structures such as arteries or veins. The ankle and foot were designed to walk barefoot on the Earth (and by that we mean the ground) and not necessarily to sustain the stress of the modern day, concrete jungle we all live in. Our modern way of life, in many ways, disregards the health of our ankles and feet. The foot is restricted nearly every day due to unyielding foot coverings (shoes, boots, etc.) In many cases, fashion rather than support and function determine the design of one’s shoes. Consider this: it is fore part of the shoe were the feet are most restricted and it is also where the most foot deformities occur. For these and other reasons, pain in the ankle and foot is a very common occurrence and one we see as a Chiropractor Little Falls MN quite often in our clinic.

A well-developed and healthy foot and ankle withstands a surprising amount of stress. Conditions and pain take place when this stress becomes excessive. The ankle and foot can move in a variety of directions: dorsiflexion, plantarflexion, inversion, eversion, abduction and adduction.

The main muscles of the calf are the gastrocnemius and soleus and they act to flex the ankle and foot. Smaller muscles of the foot, such as the extensor digitorum longus, extend the foot and ankle. While others, like the tibialis anterior, cause dorsiflexion and inversion. The first step in getting out of pain is determining its cause with a Chiropractor Little Falls MN. At Chiro Plus Rehab we start with a thorough assessment that checks your ankle and foot alignment, range-of-motion, nerve health, muscle strength and balance, and the integrity of the cartilage, tendon, and bone. We as a Chiropractor Little Falls MN inspect the ankle and foot in resting, standing, and walking conditions. When needed, we also take digital x-rays. For the ankle and foot, we perform a Gait Analysis to determine not only how well your ankle and foot function, but how its function is affecting the knee, hip, and spine in your daily life (E.G. standing, walking, stepping up, running, jumping, etc.)

The final and a unique component to our Chiropractor Little Falls MN examination process is our signature Functional Movement Screen which can detect faulty movement habits that are contributing to your pain.

Common Conditions

Common Deformities

The standard approach to ankle and foot pain by most Chiropractor Little Falls MN is usually a combination or ice/heat, rest, and over-the-counter anti-inflammatories and maybe physical therapy. At Chiro Plus Rehab we combine adjustments, hands-on muscle therapy, therapeutic exercises as well as passive modalities like ultrasound to eliminate pain quickly. We also have the ability to perform a 3-D laser scan of the foot and ankle to determine if custom orthotics would help in eliminating the pain. We then provide you with self-care advice to keep things good once they’re there. Why? Because our goal is to provide effective, fast relief so you can get back to life.

Final Note: A Doctor’s Insight

Why is it that knee, hip, and lower back surgeries are so common? Is it possible that those joints are simply being overloaded because the foot and ankle aren’t pulling their weight? As a Chiropractor Little Falls MN, I think so. The arch of the foot is probably one of the most misunderstood and underleveraged components to a healthy and pain-free life. I’ve seen thousands of patients over the years and I can count on one hand the number of people whose arches were not collapsed. Many of the ankle and foot problems we treat are with patients who initially come in for something else, like back or neck pain. Only after they’ve received treatment for those areas and begin seeing improvement, do patients bring up issues like ankle and foot pain. To be clear, most everywhere else you go for Chiropractor Little Falls MN care will focus on only that “one-thing” and it doesn’t take into account how that “one-thing” is affected and is affecting all of the other “things” in the body. At Chiro Plus Rehab, we always keep the “main thing” the “main thing”, but we also promise to look at your pain and problems through a more complete, whole-body lens. It’s just another way we strive to deliver the best possible care experience to our patients and our community.

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“I’ve seen how pain steals life from people. Worse, I’ve seen firsthand the harmful effects numbing pain with drugs can do. Because of this, I am committed to providing the best possible care people in a way that not only relieves pain but improves health and quality of life.”

He graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University—a respected school for chiropractors—one of the youngest in his class, with a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and a Doctorate in Chiropractic.

Dr. Ben Grams has a long track record of helping people eliminate pain and regain their health by integrating the best of the holistic and medical worlds. He is known as one of the best choices for chiropractor Little Falls MN because of his ability to accurately assess and treat more difficult cases, especially those related to the lower back, sciatica, shoulder, and hip.

Over the years, he has won several awards for performance and achievement and he continues to pursue the most effective non-drug, non-surgical methods for treating patients as a chiropractor Little Falls MN. In 2017, Dr. Grams authored the book titled “The Solution to Back and Neck Pain” which had a brief stint as a top seller on Amazon.com in the categories of Chiropractic, Chronic Pain, and Alternative Medicine. Its success was also noted on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX affiliate websites as well as the StarTribune.

When not working, he will be spending time with his wife and preferably outdoors. He enjoys hiking, swimming, biking, playing guitar, and being active in his church. Chiropractor Little Falls MN, Dr. Grams has additional studies in chiropractic radiology, spinal disc problems, hands-on muscle therapy, therapeutic exercise, sports injury, nutrition and wellness.