The Muscles

The Basics: The Muscles

When you start working with a chiropractor Little Falls MN you’ll learn that there are two kinds of muscles that must work together in order to keep you healthy. It is absolutely vital to understand how these muscles work and what is required of them in order for these muscles to function properly. You have two types of muscles in your body and when they are in balance your back and neck are healthy and pain-free. They are:

  1. Superficial, joint-moving muscles — The Movers
  2. Deep, joint-stabilizing muscles — The Stabilizers

The “Movers” are designed to do just that—move you. These are the muscles that chiropractor Little Falls MN see as the power generators because they propel you. Whether you’re walking down the hall or sprinting through a field, the Movers do it. These muscles have names you are probably familiar with: deltoids, pecs, quads, biceps, etc. You may not have heard of some, like the trapezius and levator scapulae. The crucial thing to remember about these muscles is it’s their nature to dominate, so they have to be kept in check. And that’s where the “Stabilizers” come in.

The “Stabilizers” are designed to prevent the Movers from doing too much. A chiropractor Little Falls MN focus on these muscles is because they hold the joints together, protecting them. These muscles go by tongue-twisting names like multifidus, rotatores, gluteus medius, quadratus lumborum, and intertransversarii. You’ve probably never heard of them before, but believe me, they are important.

As I mentioned earlier, the Stabilizers and the Movers have an intimate relationship. The Movers depend on the Stabilizers to anchor down the joints as they move us from Point A to Point B. Whether you are a professional bodybuilder squatting four hundred pounds or an accountant squatting to pick up a piece a paper, these muscle groups have to work together in a coordinated manner. Your Movers move your joints so that you can live life—walk, jump, climb, sit down, bend over, etc. Your Stabilizers keep your Movers in check by anchoring down the joints, ensuring that the movement of your joints stays within healthy limits. 

To summarize it all, when both muscle groups are equally strong and are coordinated with each other, they are considered “in balance.” If the coordination is thrown off, the muscles become out-of-balance, and major problems enter your life. That is why we encourage you to communicate to your chiropractor and doctor to create a health plain that creates an environment where these two muscles work together. When this is achieved you are able to live a pain free life where you are able to do all the activities you love. 

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