Summary of Pain Myths

Summary of Pain Myths

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. —Galileo Galilei, astronomer

Increases in the rates of imaging, opioid prescriptions, injections, and fusion surgery might be justified if there were substantial improvements in patient outcomes; unfortunately, they do not. In fact, statistics indicate that disability from musculoskeletal disorders is rising, not falling. —Over-treating Chronic Back Pain: Time of Back Off?” Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine 

We have covered a lot of ground, you might know more then some Chiropractor of Little Falls MN. Let’s recap the myths we have shattered, and the truths we have uncovered thus far.

We have learned that:

* Big Pharma spends a lot of time, energy, and money trying to get you to believe that their medications are the answer for your pain. They aren’t, but a Chiropractor of Little Falls MN could be. Pain meds have dangerous side effects and many of them, including the ones we’re told it’s okay to take daily, are downright deadly. 

* Most doctors do have your best interests in mind, but that doesn’t change the fact that Big Pharma puts an extraordinary amount of pressure on them in order to influence their recommendations. The sharp increase in pain medication usage over the past few years is evidence that their marketing efforts are working. So while most doctors and Chiropractor of Little Falls MN certainly do have your best interests in mind, it may not be the only thing on their mind.

* Invasive procedures are fundamentally flawed. They treat pain without treating the cause of pain, unlike a Chiropractor of Little Falls MN. This leads to short-lived results with long-term consequences.

* Remember what author Judy Foreman said, “The majority of surgery patients do not have an optimal outcome. That is, having minimal-to-no pain, reduction of pain medications, and a return to high-level functioning.” Certainly, when it comes to back and neck pain, patients need to consider long and hard if surgery is really their best option.

* Salesmen with their latest and greatest “magic bullets” are here to stay and the only thing their cure-alls remedy is the own empty wallets. The body isn’t something that gets “fixed.” It is something that gets as good as possible, and then we have to work to keep it there. That’s how it is with pain, too. 

* You never really learn to live with pain. You’re forced to suffer through it. Most important though, if you buy into this self-defeating belief, the pain avoidance habits you develop will make your suffering worsen as time goes on.

* Lastly, normal and common are not the same thing. A lot of people are hurting, but this doesn’t make it normal. We’re not supposed to hurt more as we age. Aging doesn’t cause arthritis. There’s no proof that growing pains are a normal part of childhood. And lastly, your genes play only a small role in your ability to be pain-free.

Has the blindfold been removed from your eyes yet? Are you beginning to see clearly now? Are you viewing the pain industry any differently? Right now, we are laying the foundations for getting pain-free. And if these myths are alarming or disturbing to you, good! That’s exactly what I felt when I was studying to become a Chiropractor of Little Falls MN. I let those feelings motivate me to dig deeper and figure out “The Solution” to back and neck pain, and I hope you’ll let everything you’ve learned so far fuel your desire to follow “The Solution” and get yourself pain-free. Before I tell you what’s coming next, first let me say a couple things.

Putting My Cards on the Table

From what I have written so far, you might assume that I am anti-medications, surgery, and doctors. But that’s not the case. Let me tell you why even despite all this Chiropractor of Little Falls MN just said that I still respect their place. When I was eight years old, I was in an accident. I popped a wheelie while riding on a dock, lost my balance, and fell directly onto a blunt post. Many of my ribs had been fractured, my diaphragm torn, my spleen ruptured, and I was bleeding internally. I was emergency airlifted to a children’s hospital, and was in intensive care for weeks. Many times the doctors and my parents thought I was going to die. The tremendous skill of doctors and staff using drugs and surgery saved my life. It’s because of doctors, medications, and surgery that I am here and able to write this book today. 

I love medications, surgery, Chiropractor of Little Falls MN, and doctors when they are absolutely necessary, and are used at the right time for the right reasons. As we all should. But I do not love medication, surgery, and doctors when they are not necessary and used at the wrong time and for the wrong reasons especially for back and neck pain.

I have no problem with Big Pharma, surgeons, doctors, and hospitals making a lot of money by prescribing medications and performing surgery. I believe they should be paid for their work. And if they’re good at what they do, they should be paid well but only if the treatment is safe and effective.

I have a big problem with people making money off pain sufferers when treatment is unsafe and ineffective. I think it’s sick. I think it’s wrong. I think it needs to stop, and I hope what you’ve read so far has caused a righteous anger to stir within you because that’s what’s needed if things are ever going to change. I am a Chiropractor of Little Falls MN actively trying to stop it.  

Time to Wrap It Up

Take a deep breath. In fact, put down the book, stand up, and do some good stretching. Go ahead, maybe call your Chiropractor of Little Falls MN for an appointment. I’ll still be here when you come back. 

You’re back? Great.

With these myths exposed for what they really are—disempowering beliefs that leave you helpless, hopeless, and most importantly still in pain—we are going to take another step closer to being pain-free.

If you’re the type of person who wants to get to the point and learn “The Solution” to back and neck pain, skip to Section 5. For the rest of us, our next step is learning the basics of pain, nerves, muscles, and joints. And then this Chiropractor of Little Falls MN is going to introduce you to the culprit of back and neck pain: The Vicious Cycle.

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