There’s great potential in the bond between joints, nerves, and muscles. And the key to unlocking this potential starts with chiropractic adjustments. To understand the importance of adjustments, one must first understand one thing: joints can become misaligned. When this occurs those joints stop moving normally causing nerves to get irritated and reducing the amount of nutrients being pumped into the joints. Invariably, this leads to things like degeneration, stenosis, bone spurs, and arthritis. This is where the chiropractic adjustment intervenes. It turns dysfunction and damage into function and healing by doing one thing: restoring mobility. That’s right. The first step in becoming pain-free is to get the joints moving optimally again. Why is this the first step? Because by restoring motion: you turn off pain nerves, your cartilage begins to heal, you break up scar tissue, you stimulate new muscle growth, and importantly you start to feel better! Restoring mobility through specific spinal adjustments is arguably the most crucial element in getting out of pain fast and staying there. That’s why nearly every visit you have with Chiro Plus Rehab this treatment will be performed.

Hands-On Muscle Therapy

Hands-On muscle therapy is a skilled technique used to resolve tight muscle-knots. You see, in the presence of pain or joint misalignments, muscles start tightening and eventually develop stubborn muscle-knots. Ultimately, these muscles can become so weak and tight that they become a source of pain all on their own. The chiropractor at Chiro Plus Rehab and staff use various methods to resolve muscle-based pain including: Graston, Cross-Friction Massage, Active Release Technique, and more. By breaking down muscle-knots and lengthening contracted tissue your muscles and joints are given the opportunity to rebuild, heal, and become pain-free. Most chiropractors will perform only little muscle work, but not nearly enough to deliver results that last. The chiropractor Little Falls at Chiro Plus Rehab will performs hands-on muscle therapy, to some degree, at nearly every visit which is one of the reasons we’ve been able to help so many people find lasting relief.

Therapeutic Exercises

One of the most important components to staying healthy and pain-free are very deep, joint-stabilizing muscles. The “Stabilizers” are designed to prevent the joints and essentially hold the joints together, protecting them. These muscles go by tongue-twisting names like multifidi, gluteus medius, and quadratus lumborum. You’ve probably never heard of them before, but believe me, they are important. If you’re in pain or if your joints are misaligned these muscles get very weak very quickly and that’s when major problems can enter your life. These muscles must be strengthen through in a very specific manner to help joints heal and put them on the path to becoming more pain-free. Some chiropractors approach exercise with a “one-exercise-fits-all” approach. Not us. The chiropractor Little Falls MN at Chiro Plus Rehab performs a special assessment to determine exactly what exercises you need to do to get the relief you’re looking for. You’re then trained on how to them and then given a specific home exercise program tailored to your needs. It’s just another way we try to deliver the best chiropractor care experience in Little Falls MN.

Digital X-ray

Your chiropractor in Little Falls at Chiro Plus Rehab uses digital X-ray in their clinic along with a history and exam to determine what’s causing your pain. X-rays are a pain-free and fast procedure that produces images of different structures within the body (in particular, hard tissues like bones) for analysis. Digital X-ray is the most up-to-date and modern form of the procedure. They are often taken to identify problems in the spine and other joints, to guide the treatment plan, and to educate patients. On occasion, we’ll be asked by patients who have been to other chiropractors in the Little Falls area why the other Little Falls chiropractor didn’t take X-rays or why they don’t even have an X-ray machine in their clinic. While we can’t answer for other Chiropractors in Little Falls, at Chiro Plus Rehab one of our core beliefs is that chiropractic care should be delivered in a manner of the highest quality, professionalism, completeness, safety, and with state-of-the-art technology. In Little Falls at Chiro Plus Rehab, after an initial examination, if the chiropractor feels it necessary to order X-rays they’ll do so. In a chiropractic setting X-rays can be taken of the spine, shoulder, hip, knee, or other areas. Another valuable benefit of digital X-rays is that the image can be enhanced digitally by the chiropractor to ensure that the image is as readable and applicable as possible. Being that the X-rays are developed immediately, the doctor will then read over the X-rays as soon as he’s able. This allows the Little Falls chiropractor at Chiro Plus Rehab to act more quickly for more complex conditions and procedures.

Corrective Movement Therapy

Corrective Movement Therapy will train you on how to use your body better and prevent pain from returning. Pain starts in one of two ways, either a) something bad happens to you like you’re in a car accident or have a slip or fall or b) you do something wrong like lifting, bending, sleeping position, sitting posture, etc. We have no control over the former, and it’s really quite rare. The latter, however, is completely within our influence and is extremely common. Most chronic pain problems begin when you use your joints incorrectly. The occasional mistake won’t do you any harm because your body has the ability to recover. It’s only when that mistake goes uncorrected and repeated that the problem takes off. Therein lies a crucial component to the treatment you’ll receive at Chiro Plus Rehab: The mistakes you’re making that are hurting you and must be stopped. Otherwise, getting pain-free will never be an option. That’s what Corrective Movement Therapy accomplishes. At Chiro Plus Rehab we will identify what you’re doing wrong in your day-to-day life and then teach you how to correct it. Once you start using your joints, whether it your neck, back, hip, shoulder, knee, shoulder, or ankle, correctly your muscles, joints, and nerves have the ideal environment for healing and you’ll be on your way to a more pain-free life. This is something that simply isn’t on the radar of the average doctor, but is also a problem we’re committed to helping you solve.

Custom Orthotics

These are tailored arch supports calibrated to your body weight, ankle and foot alignment, and activity level. You might be thinking, “What’s so important about the foot’s arch?” Well, your arch is your body’s primary shock absorber. Think of it from a chiropractor Little Falls MN perspective. Every step you take your arches must absorb your entire body weight and then spring back, propelling you forward. At least, that’s what they should be doing because if they do, they take an enormous amount of stress off your ankle, knees, hips, and spine. Unfortunately, the human foot wasn’t made to stand on cement or pavement. Furthermore, while shoes protect our feet,they also weaken it. It’s for these reasons that most people’s arches are collapsed (otherwise known as flat feet). Here’s the rub. If your arches are collapsed then the joints above the arches (ankles, knees, hips, and spine) are forced to compensate usually causing them to twist out-of-place.

In many chiropractor Little Falls MN, attention is focused on only the site of pain and the feet aren’t assessed whatsoever which is why some kinds of pain can persist relief temporary. At Chiro Plus Rehab, our chiropractor Little Falls MN assesses your entire musculoskeletal system including your arches. If it’s found that your arches are collapsed and it’s contributing to the pain you’re experiencing. Our doctor may recommend that you be set in custom foot orthotics. The orthotics are full contact–meaning they support your entire foot–that’s in contrast with many other orthotics that are support only part of your foot. They’re also calibrated to your body weight to ensure that the maximum amount of stress is taken off your joints. Lastly, they’ll also be set in such a manner as to support the proper alignment of joints. Many inserts, supports, and orthotics boast being custom made, but very few are truly custom. Our Orthotics are developed from one of the nation’s leading podiatrists.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a treatment by a chiropractor Little Falls MN that is used to aid the healing of soft tissues like muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and joints. Basically, it puts energy into tissues that get “stuck” in their healing process, like in the case of chronic inflammation and pain. By doing this, it activates tissues on their cellular level and helps them heal. Some chiropractic clinics focus solely on the adjustment, chiropractor Little Falls MN uses therapies such as ultrasound to support adjustments and rehab. It promotes the healing process and therefore helps eliminate pain faster and keep it relieved longer. Typically, sessions last eight–fifteen minutes and the ultrasound is applied by a trained therapist who focuses on the most damaged and non-healing tissues which will have been found by our doctor during the exam.

Most people won’t feel the ultrasound directly or at most a light warming sensation. It’s effective for tendonitis, bursitis, strains, sprains, joint inflammation, and chronic pain. One common issues found in the world of chiropractor Little Falls MN (and one that we expertly avoid) is when ultrasound is performed and nothing else. The problem is that, while it may help rid the body of inflammation this modality doesn’t change how the muscles and joints work. Without doing that, you’ll be back in pain before you know it. But, when coupled with therapeutic exercises, chiropractor Little Falls MN, and Correct Movement Training ultrasound can be just what you need!

Electric Muscle Stimulation

Many times, patients come see us when their pain is severe and relief is needed immediately. That’s why we provide Electric Muscle Stimulation—an effective therapy that is used to relieve pain and inflammation in tissues like: muscles, joints, tendons, etc. to help our patients find relief as soon as possible. The Little Falls chiropractor at Chiro Plus Rehab often uses electric muscle stimulation in conjunction with adjustments, hands-on muscle work, and therapeutic exercise. This help ensure that the patient is able to return to their activities with daily living in as short-as-possible timeframe. Often, patients report a pleasant “tingling” sensation when electric muscle stimulation is performed.

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