How Long Does All This Take?

How long does it take to before you’re caught deep within the Vicious Cycle and desperately turning to a chiropractor Little Falls MN for help? That’s a good question. Considering the number of steps in the Vicious Cycle, you might think it takes a long time to get to the Point of No Return. Indeed, the answer may well surprise you. The creation of a Buckling Point occurs in milliseconds (nearly instantaneous), and so does its recovery. I have found no absolute guidelines regarding the number of times one must use the spine poorly (or, for that matter, to what specific magnitude an impact must have) to force someone into the Dysfunctional Phase. I suspect this information is exceedingly hard to obtain because of the variables (age, nutrition, etc.) of recovery we’ve already discussed.

All else aside, once the Tipping Point has been crossed, you have precious little time.

* Scar tissue begins to be deposited immediately upon joint dysfunction, (3)

 * After about a week, joint destruction begins, (4)

* In just two weeks, bone damage, cartilage deterioration, and bone spurring is detectable on X-ray, (3) and

* Within four weeks, irreversible bone spurring occurs. (4)

Here’s the takeaway point: after a Buckling Point has been created, you have less than four weeks to stop the Vicious Cycle. So if you haven’t had your back and neck professionally checked for dysfunction within the month, you’re due for a checkup with a chiropractor Little Falls MN.

How Can This Happen So Quickly?

The Vicious Cycle starts slowly, and then accelerates faster and faster. Here’s an analogy. If your car is out-of-alignment, what happens to your tires? Do they wear down slower or faster? Faster. Now, when your tires wear down, what does that do to your car’s alignment? Make it better or worse? Worse. Now that your car’s alignment is worse, what does that mean for your tires? They wear down much faster. Which means what for the alignment? It gets even worse. You see, the tire’s damage is progressively worsening. That final mile right before your tires blow out actually wears them down faster than all the miles that preceded it.

This is how the Vicious Cycle behaves—kind of like a snowball gathering in size and speed as it rolls down a hill. When dysfunction gets bad enough, it turns into destruction which makes repairing even with a chiropractor Little Falls MN much more difficult. As the tissues become damaged, what do you think happens to the degree of dysfunction? Does it get better or worse? Worse. What does it mean for the amount of damage that dysfunction is causing? Less or More? More.

What does that do to the dysfunction? Makes it worse.

Not only do the nerves, muscles, and joints feed off of each other, but so do the phases of degradation. And although the first step into The Vicious Cycle is merely a stumble, a mistake, if your course isn’t set right, the farther down you’ll go and as the slope becomes steeper, the less time you have and the more likely you are to hurt and be in pain. This is why the old adage, “The worse the problem gets, the worse the problem gets” is true.


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