Disc Problems

Spine pain is one of the most common reasons people go to a chiropractor Little Falls MN—second only to the common cold—and disc problems are one of the most common causes of spine pain. The spine has twenty-three intervertebral discs. The spinal discs are fluid filled cartilage sacs between vertebrae that have a structure similar to a jelly donut—a fluid-like center called the nucleus pulposus, contained by walls of cartilage called the annulus fibrosus. Their main role is to be a shock-absorber and to provide space for the spinal nerves to exit. They also act as very tough ligaments that hold spinal segments together and allow for a full ROM in the spine. Because of their central location, spinal elements like the discs represent a focal point for balance, equilibrium, and the ability to perform activities of daily living. Discs depend on good alignment and normal movement to stay healthy and pain-free without the need of a chiropractor Little Falls MN. Injuries, poor posture, repetitive trauma, and nutrient deficiencies are just a few ways good alignment and normal movement are altered resulting in discs that breakdown and your need for a chiropractor Little Falls MN. While it is normal for the discs to dehydrate and become stiffer with age, when there is an accelerated “breakdown” process that overlies the normal aging process. it’s called

Degenerative Disc Disease and can be quite painful forcing you to seek out a chiropractor Little Falls MN. But if the spinal disc fails suddenly, often due to bending or twisting motion, it’s called a few different things:

  • Annular tear
  • Disc bulge
  • Herniated disc
  • Slipped disc
  • Disc extrusion
  • Sequestered disc
  • Ruptured disc


Poor posture, lack of exercise, degeneration, and physical weakness in early years have substantial consequences of disc health later in life. So while problems with discs can happen anytime in life, from childhood to our elder years, degenerative disc disease and disc herniations, tears, protrusions are most likely to occur in the third and fourth decades of life. We see as a chiropractor Little Falls MN that specific problems with the discs often different and unique symptoms, but mostly pain that originates from the disc itself or a nearby nerve that gets pinched by the disc.

Associated signs and symptoms:

  • Pain in the morning
  • Pain when rising from seated or lying position
  • Pain with bending forward
  • Posture is shifted to the side or forward
  • Radiating symptoms to the leg
  • Stiffness
  • Loss of range-of-motion


Disc injuries usually result from bending forward and twisting simultaneously. Image shoveling or when carrying a box turning the body and setting it down at the same time. Sometimes it takes a significant load (something very heavy) to injury the disc, but on the other hand as a chiropractor Little Falls MN we’ve seen patients who have injured their discs badly from simply bending forward to pick up their shoes or leaning forward to rise from a seated position. The standard approach to disc problems is usually a combination or ice/heat, rest, and over-the-counter anti-inflammatories and maybe physical therapy. If that doesn’t work than an MRI is ordered by your chiropractor Little Falls MN. From their you may receive cortisone injections or even a referral to a surgeon—and in some cases the referral to a surgeon is necessary. In other cases, it’s not.

At Chiro Plus Rehab we start with a thorough assessment that checks your joint’s alignment, nerve health, muscle strength and balance, and the integrity of the spinal discs. We also perform a Functional Movement Screen which can detect faulty movement habits you have (like improper bending of the back) that is likely contributing to the development of your disc problem and triggering your pain. When needed, we also take digital x-rays. This is all to help your chiropractor Little Falls MN determine the exact extent of your disc problems and its cause.

At Chiro Plus Rehab we combine adjustments, hands-on muscle therapy, therapeutic exercises and Corrective Movement Therapy as well as passive modalities like electric muscle stimulation and ultrasound to eliminate pain quickly. We then provide you with specific self-care instructions outside of your chiropractor Little Falls MN care, unique to your disc injury, to keep things good once they’re there. And this last element (self-care) is crucial because when a disc is injured once, it becomes much more likely that it will be injured again. Why? Because our goal is to eliminate your pain and get you back to life as soon as possible.

So if you or someone you love is suffering from disc problems, don’t wait. Give us a call at 320-632-9224 and schedule your $37 New Patient Special today. Don’t live another day with pain. We as your chiropractor Little Falls MN can help. Call us!

“I experienced sharp and excruciating lower back pain. After treatment, I was able to walk upright rather than hunched over suffering from pain, and I have no limitation with walking, yard work, and more!”

Hans. R

Pierz, MN

“I started with severe lower back pain. Unable to stand up straight in the morning would take me a good couple hours to move freely and even then I as never pain free. Walking a couple blocks was painful. I had seen an orthopedic doctor and was told I have degenerative disc disorder and lumbar stenosis and was given two cortisone injections in my back that pretty much did noting. Seeing Dr. Grams was the best decision I made. I can get up right away in the morning and I can do yard work and chase my kids. The staff and Dr. Grams are excellent. Explaining everything as it happened,. I knew what to expect, and what was expected of me. I am virtually pain-free and very happy with everything.”

Mary V.

“When I first came to see Dr. Grams I had a lot of pain in my lower back. I couldn’t sleep for more than two hours at a time without waking up with severe pain. I tried going to a medical doctor and all they did was give me muscle relaxers and pain pills. I had trouble walking, standing, bending, and couldn’t bowl. Since I have been coming, I am almost pain-free and I can walk and sleep for eight hours without waking up! And especially I can bowl.”

Marie Y.

*Patient took great care in strictly following the treatment plan prescribed.

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