Combining the Best Treatments

The Solution: All Together Now

Imagine a banana split, I’m probably the first chiropractor Little Falls MN that has told you to do that. What makes it so delicious? Is it the soft-serve ice cream? The perfectly ripened banana? The crunchiness of the nuts? Or maybe it’s the mouth-watering hot fudge? No, we can’t attribute the deliciousness to any single component because it’s when they’re combined that the real magic happens.

One Is the Loneliest Number That You’ll Ever Do

Consider what you’ve learned so far from this humble chiropractor Little Falls MN. Addressing each part of the Vicious Cycle individually, through adjustments, exercise, hands-on muscle therapy, and training, will get you some pretty good results. The research is clear—doing just one of those is better than doing none of those. If you had to choose only one, the adjustments are proven to be superior. “Pretty good” results, if you ask me as a chiropractor Little Falls MN, are pretty lame. I think if you have been suffering from chronic back and neck pain, you’d agree. You’d agree if you have tried some of these and you’re still in pain. You’d agree if you have watched a loved one turn into a shell of her former selves because of pain. If you’ve dealt with any type of ongoing, non-resolving pain, you’d agree that pretty good isn’t good enough.

Two for Your Health

Besides, I didn’t write this article for people to get “pretty good,” I wrote this article for people to be able to be the best they can be—to be able to do what they want, when they want, and how they want. So, I asked myself, “What if, like the banana split, we were to start combining these interventions? Then what?” This is where it gets exciting.

The research sticks out like a sore thumb: combining any two of those interventions is better than any single one alone. 

This makes sense even if you aren’t a chiropractor Little Falls MN. The more of the Vicious Cycle you address, the better. Spinal exercises with massage is better than either one alone. Spinal adjusting, when combined with exercise or education, is also better than any of those alone. Literally, any two you can think of has been proven better than one (53,18,46,54,38,50) and that’s good.

Three’s Company

It makes sense that addressing more of the Vicious Cycle would get things better, but is there proof that combining three of those interventions is better than two?

If there is evidence of this, then there is a definite trend that addressing more of the parts that go wrong during the Vicious Cycle will get you better results. One day, in between seeing patients as a chiropractor Little Falls MN I was leisurely reading through an 800+ page report on noninvasive treatment of pain (yes, I am that obsessive). Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. The clouds opened, a ray of light shone on me, I stood up, and shouted, “Eureka!”

First, I ran across a study that showed that exercise, massage, and education was effective at relieving low back pain. (56) This is important because it proves that combining these three didn’t overload the body but instead helped people get better, but it didn’t answer the question, “Does combining three of those interventions get people better than two?”

Then, I read how exercise, massage, and education was proven to be more effective than exercise and education alone. (55) This means each individual intervention contributes to relieving pain in its own unique way and if you take a piece away, the results suffer. But what this study was lacking was any information on the keystone treatment: spinal adjustments.

Then, I saw it. Education, exercise, AND adjustments had an even better outcome in relieving pain. (52) Not only that, combining those three also improved people’s general health, faulty back pain beliefs (aka pain myths), and disability. This showed that combining any three of those interventions provided more relief than combining two. Seeking a chiropractor Little Falls MN will help too. 

This is really significant because now there’s a trend.

Putting Your Best Foot Four-ward

A car has four bad tires. If you do anything less than replace all four, you still have a problem, right? I think you see what’s coming. Joint dysfunction must be fixed, Stabilizers must be strengthened, Movers must be remodeled, and Buckling Points must be stopped. What’s the best way to do this?

Spinal Adjusting and Spinal Exercises +

Hands-on Muscle Therapy +

Training = The Best Chance for Maximum Relief

That’s The Solution, ladies and gentlemen. Plain and simple, don’t have to see a chiropractor Little Falls MN to figure that out. That is the best way to get the back and neck out of pain. And that is what will harness the powerful nerve connection between your muscles, joints, and brain, and bring your back and neck to the Turning Point—where the momentum from breaking down is shifted to the momentum of building up. From dysfunction to function. From destruction to healing. From pathologically being protected to healthily expressing potential. From pain-full-ness to pain-free-ness. It is all because the combination of those four things correct the three unique elements of the spine—the nerves, muscles, and joints—making your back and neck as healthy as possible.


Things to Remember:

  1. A back and neck that is as pain-free as possible is one that is as healthy as possible. Any effective intervention aims at accomplishing this task.
  2. The most effective way to correct a dysfunctional spinal joint is through spinal adjustments. The science is clear: adjustments are the gold standard for this type of problem. If you don’t fix the joints, the muscles will stay bad.
  3. The most effective way to strengthen the deep Stabilizers is spinal exercises. Anything short of this simply will not get the job done. Remember, practice doesn’t make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect so seek treatment from a chiropractor Little Falls MN.


  1. The most effective way to get rid of scar tissue and tightness in the superficial Movers is through hands on muscle therapy. Sometimes you’ll have to get your hands dirty to get the job done. That’s the case for ridding scar tissue-induced knots in your muscles, and stimulating the formation of longer and stronger muscles.
  2. Find an expert, like a chiropractor Little Falls MN, to help you identify what you’re doing wrong, and help you fix it. There’s no way to get around it. You’ll need someone else’s help if you’re to ever get free of pain. This person will be your partner in getting you better, but remember, you had a large role getting into this mess (unless Something Bad Happened To You), and you’ll have a large role getting out of this mess.
  3. The most effective way to get your back and neck out of pain is to combine the adjustments with exercise, hands-on muscle therapy, and training from a chiropractor Little Falls MN.



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